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Technology continues to develop from time to time and brings a myriad of advances in all aspects of our lives. Some activities that are usually done conventionally have now turned into digital and more practical.Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency developed using encryption technology. This means that there is no intermediary in a transaction. Payments made using digital currencies are made on a peer-to-peer basis, i.e. from the sender directly to the recipient.

About the Dubai Coin Project?

Dhabi Coin Token (DBC) is the only platform that has advanced technological capabilities and now present in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, the Dhabi Coin Token (DBC) platform has total transaction security, low fees and agility. in information traffic, and the dhabi coin platform has relied on a very reliable support team and is also very good at multiple languages.Once you get into our ecosystem, you can manage everything. Anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can participate in the global market.


To become the world’s reference in advanced cash types, presenting the best action partner program people around the world make computerized money types appear in their lives all.


Offers a friendly and secure e-money organization, which brings more people into the new cryptocurrency economy and offers advancements to those who are already using it.


The Dubai Coin company was successfully approved in the audit and * received the Techrate endorsement stamp for its brand. *Techrate is an Audit company formed by a team of engineers and analysts, specializing in blockchain technology and business analytics, with high and wide expertise in the crypto market, and well known for their market reports created during the bull market of and for technical evaluation of projects.The main advantage of cryptocurrencies like DhabiCoin is that it allows fast transfers, in about ten minutes. This is the time required for transaction validation. Cryptocurrency transactions do not require intermediaries or bank intervention. For companies and customers, cryptocurrencies are, therefore, very profitable, as they eliminate some of the bank fees that are reflected in the final price.


The main benefit of electronic forms of money, such as DhabiCoin, is that they allow for fast trades, taking only ten minutes. This is the amount of time it takes to agree a deal. There is no need for agents or banks to intervene in cryptographic cash trading. Cryptographic forms of money, accordingly, are very helpful for both organizations and clients, as they eliminate some of the bank fees that are reflected in the last expense. Binance DEX, the top decentralized exchange, supports a growing digital asset ecosystem:Low transaction fees of only one pennyHigh performance, with a network that can generate blocks every three seconds.A DeFi method that works across the chain to improve DeFi interoperabilityThe Binance ecosystem supports several DeFi initiatives by funding and bootstrapping them.Binance.com and Binance DEX have a thriving ecosystem of millions of users.BSC is already collaborating with a network of significant crypto initiatives.

Problem Checking Status

Blockchain Advantages in DhabiCoin

Chain Accuracy
In blockchain networks, transactions are approved by a good network with a large number of
computers. This virtually eliminates individual participation in
the verification  process  , resulting in less human error and more precise data records.Cost Reduction
Often, the customer pays the bank to confirm the transaction, the notary to sign the letter, or the
priest to marry them. Blockchain eliminates the need for third-party 
verification  and the costs that come with it. Businesses pay a small fee when they accept
credit card payments.Decentralization
Some data on the blockchain will not be stored in one location. In most cases, the
blockchain is duplicated and spread across computer networks. When each
new block is added to the blockchain, each computer updates its blockchain to reflect the
transition.Secure Transactions
Once a transaction is recorded, the blockchain network must check its
legitimacy. Thousands of blockchain computer systems secure to ensure that the order’sthe data is correct. After the engine validates the contract, it is added to
the blockchain block 

DhabiCoin compatible wallet

Once you get into our ecosystem, you can manage everything. Anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can participate in the global market.DhabiCoin BEP-20 contract intelligence protocol is based on the Binance blockchain, Has ease of use across multiple applications, web3 platform, DEX, written in Solidity EVM programming language, has multiple uses in multiple modalitiesComplete ecosystem of high standard technology allocated in pro DhabiCoin.Understanding TokenizationTokenization technology is considered a protected cycle that randomizes each client’s card number into tokens. Tokens are a great grouping of characters. Instead of dumping the token number, the framework only needs to store the token. Token code is used instead of card data in exchange, guaranteeing maximum security. In the event of an information leak, the intruder will not get the actual card information because the tokens stored in the framework will not be required for all clients, apart from legitimate payers. This is considered the answer that significant credit and financial organizations have adopted when providing installment cards to their clients.Tokens (DBC)DHABICOIN is their cryptographic token, created on the Binance platform. These will be distributed at token generation events for those who contribute to the DHABICOIN network project, as described in this document.Amount of tokens: 3,000,000,000 DBCWhat are the advantages of acquiring Dubai Coin (DBC)Dhabicoin, a BEP-20 token, the code is written on the Binance blockchain, in a high level of security, decentralized and its users can benefit from the enrichment of Dhabicoin. Dhabicoin is a very profitable asset for its holders.RoadmapJanuary 2021Deploy the Smart Contract of Dhabi Coin, clean test of Binance Smart ChainFebruary 2021Contact Kontrak Cerdas Rantai Pintar Binance Coin Mainnet BinancenetMarch 2021Start AirDrop RewardsStart Presale (Round 1)July 2021End of Presale (Round 1)Start Presale (Round 2)September 2021End Presale (Round 2)/Delivering Dhabi Coins/AirDrop Bounties tokensNovember 2021Start Sale (Round 1)December 2021Final Sale (Round 1)Sales Start (Last Round 2)January 2022End Sale (Last 2nd Round)Listing 4 exchanges/Launch of Android iOS app Coin Dhabi/Launch of DEFI Dhabi CoinThe Social Network of DhabicoinSocial networks are perhaps the main facet of Dhabicoin, being the bottom and hyperlinks between other modules. Identical in its procedure to the established system, it includes TimeLine, the possibility to follow various other users and interact through comments, shares, likes, as well as through private messages.It has important positive aspects over generic platforms:• Because it includes a KYC system, it is a network without a “fake” profile, a network where many people are identified and you understand that you will be following real people or trades;• Its members talk about a common focal point, which may be the market and use of cryptocurrencies;• Encourage interaction between partners that support them to grow as investors. By following leading investors, beginners are better educated and can make smarter investment decisions.• Observing the activities of others and taking part in discussions helps to try to make better decisions, due to the effect of “group wisdom”.Dhabicoin brings together social networking platforms, payments, smart contracts, cryptocurrency universities. They understand that the synergies between these platforms, when integrated, provide them with greater value than the sum of the simple parts, creating a revolutionary ecosystem where people can invest, negotiate, pay and receive, and inform and learn about cryptocurrencies. So you can invest here without any confusion.Official Links;Situs web:  https://dhabicoin.ae
Penjualan ICO:  https://dhabicoin.ae/public/invite?ref=UD00002
Telegram:  https://t.me/joinchat/94HGhsK4sDNlN2Jk
Reddit:  https://www.reddit. com/user/dhabicoin
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/DhabicoinUae
Whitepaper:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hP9VhhWtPuI1ON3Iw-8GJLJzRo0wVy_C/view
Medium:  https://dhabicoin.medium.comUsername belguso Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2633296

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